Legislative Priorities

Creating jobs is vital to turning our local economy around. I will work to bring new businesses to Nevada in order to broaden our economy by attracting new industries to our state. Times are tough for Nevada families, but by encouraging growth we can guarantee our skilled work force will be put back on the job, and on the road to recovery.

I know all too well the dire economic situation faced by so many of our friends and family members. In the past five years, I've felt the economy's pinch personally. This personal experience, along with talking with so many of during the campaign, has re-affirmed job creation as my number one goal in the legislature. We must get our state back on the job, by whatever means possible both in the short and long term.


As a member of the Assembly Committee on Education, a son of two teachers, and someone who has spent a great deal of time pursuing my own education, I place a great amount of value in education.

Gone are the days where businesses decide to move to an area based solely on the tax climate. While tax climate is an important consideration, the role education plays in determining where business is done has exploded in the 21st century world we live. Simply put, Nevada must win the race to the top to attract business to our state. The race to bottom is not an option in an economy which runs on high tech and skilled jobs. Our education system cannot be separated from our efforts to create jobs and diversify our economy.

We must invest strongly in education, and look for any way we can to make the system we have more effective. By providing Nevada's teachers with the resources and technology needed to become successful we can move our state forward.

Economic Stability

It's an uncertain time in Nevada. Businesses, governments, and individuals are facing the greatest uncertainty they've ever experienced. Nevada's public servants need to make it possible and practical to plan for the future.

Our state's finances are in a crisis brought on by a faulty revenue structure. We cannot continue to allow Nevada to operate in a perpetual boom and bust cycle which undermines the stability we need. Balancing our State's budget—in addition to balancing our revenue structure - should remain a top priority.


Our area of Las Vegas is particularly hurting, with many of our neighbors currently underwater on their homes through no fault of their own. Banks took too many risks which caused the financial sector to fail, trapping responsible home owners who never did anything wrong under a mountain of debt. So many homeowners want to do the honorable thing and continue to make payments. We must do whatever we can to restore good faith negotiations with lenders by strengthening existing modification mediations to ensure those who have done the right thing are rewarded, foreclosures are mitigated, and our neighborhoods remain alive and vibrant.


There is nothing I am more proud of than my service in the U.S. Marine Corps. As a result of that service, I know full well the challenges returning and existing veterans face when returning from the military. Our state needs to continue to do all we can to ensure our veterans receive the federal benefits entitled to them under law and ensure any budget cuts do not irreparably harm our state's ability to bring federal dollars back to our vets. I will fiercely advocate for the men women who have so ably advocated and served for us.


A society can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members. As such, we must make sure seniors are not suffering abuse at the hands of family, caretakers, or anyone else. I am very invested in making sure seniors are protected.

Protecting our community

As we face our current turbulent economic situation, we must be extremely diligent in ensuring public safety remains a top state priority. We must guard against those who have grown desperate in this bad economy and make sure career criminals are kept away from law abiding citizens. We must guarantee public safety is not cut deeply, as well as ensure we are being proactive in indentifying and fixing the problems which lead to crime before they become serious.

Connecting to Carson City

While knocking on doors during the campaign, I made a commitment to the over two thousand people I met to continue to knock on doors after the election. I have not forgotten this promise, and am continuing to outreach to you to keep you up to date about what is happening with your government. I am very passionate in ensuring you are ‘Connected to Carson City,' and your state government.